A Big Fish In A Small Pond

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A Big Fish In A Small Pond

Today is an EYE CANDY day.  Girls I’m sweetening you up for a real surprise! Nothing like Ginger to make the blood boil and sizzle.  

Our home grown export has returned for a visit to his Mama, who’s as excited as can be and he tells me she spoils him rotten, all he has to do is give her a list and all his wishes come true, on the Culinary front.

A few years ago I did a quick series of photographs of my daughter while she was training in the pool. Lise and Jarred swam together, they both did very well provincially and later also nationally.  Jarred of course went on to continue is swimming career in the U.S.A where he studied and currently lives.

Both were back stroke swimmers and I just loved watching them gracefully glide through the water.  They always reminded me of ballet dancers, slick, smooth and incredibly fast.  But, there the similarity ends, tall, lanky, feet like flippers and arms like the Urangatang these sportsmen and women show us that some people just make the cut whilst the rest of us splash, splutter and sink in the shallow end.

Thank you Jarred Botha for allowing me to photograph you while you did a few warm up laps.  Catching up with you was a major feat, I miscalculated your stokes time and again, where you’d surface was baffling and when I thought I’d got my distances right you’d swum right past me.  You may be a retired swimmer but you’re still up there with the rest of the top South African swimmers in my books.  Next time I shilly shally with my breaststrokes trying to keep my hair dry I’ll remember what I saw you do.