A Ceramic Walk In Hermanus

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A Ceramic Walk In Hermanus

The best way to move a mountain using a teaspoon is to start one teaspoonful at a time.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think this challenge would become so "challenging".  One never learns.  Life isn’t a smooth path from start to finish now is it?  

My troubles started about on about the 14th June,  three weeks ago.  At six o’clock on a fine winters’ morning our neighbour knocked on the door with the news that someone had broken into our motorcar.  From there on it was a downhill spiral of disappointments, accidents, WiFi problems and then to crown it all my hard drive went on the blink while I was busy editing my photographs.  

I now have a brand new laptop without any of my old programmes, document files or saved emails.   My father wisely pronounced that a hard drive is indestructible.  Believe me it is.   Moral of the story – do back-ups on a separate external hard drive, you won’t regret it.

Technically, I suppose, to just carry on with the challenge from where I stopped would be incorrect, but, I resume with photographs that I’d taken on the specific days as I’ve not stopped with my photography and would like to resume the continuity.   If, in your opinion this is wrong, please forgive me, in my defence it’s only the written blog which has fast forwarded by three weeks.   This weeks’ real challenge will be to get back on track and to catch up on my time travels.

Although I was devastated and disappointed I’m happy to announce that the extra time on my hands was used to complete a knitting project, I read three books, binge watched a few series, improved my Scrabble skills, played a few extra hands of Bridge. Precious and I laughed more, had fun, relaxed, and walked, talked and explored.   All will be revealed as the days unfold and I catch up with time.


I’ve just read “People with good intentions make promises, but people with character keep them”. I’m determined to keep my promise, how awful to disappoint oneself!  So; one day, one photograph one blog and one teaspoon at a time I’ll move my personal Everest.  

Today's photographs were taken at a Ceramic Exhibition held in Hermanus during the Fyn Arts Week the sculptures brighten up streets, paths and walks dotted along my walk.