Lean Pickings

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Lean Pickings

Lean pickings today.   More haste less speed.  I met a girl who uses the dark as her backdrop, she shoots at night using a very slow shutter speed of 20 seconds, allowing her to add and remove elements creating magical scenes.   I didn’t try that today, but tried the very opposite in afternoon light to capture the essence of her theory by using a very fast shutter speed where the light is captured clearly and the rest of the elements fade away against my trusty black cloth.  She also uses glass domes which I found interesting as the light captured on the glass makes an interesting visual display.

The little girl was a drive-by shooting as another friend calls quick, sharp, sudden photographs normally made when one’s in the car driving and the unexpected pops up, this toddler was waiting for the school bus, and I loved the scowl.

I used the Fibonacci Ratio for cropping with the orchid, hoping the viewers’ eye will travel from dark into the light.  I’m not a mathematician (36% in Grd 8) so if I got it wrong too bad I love it reminds me a little of Tretchikoff too!

Fibonacci Ratio is a powerful tool for composing your photographs, and it shouldn’t be dismissed as a minor difference from the rule of thirds. While the grids look similar, using Phi can sometimes mean the difference between a photo that just clicks, and one that doesn’t quite feel right.

That’s it from me for today.  Last but not least here’s a nice quote:  “The photographer has almost as much control over his subject matter as a painter. He can control light and shade, form and space, pattern and texture, motion and mood, everything except composition.

Andreas Feininger, The Best of Popular Photography by Harvey V. Fondiller

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