Stepping Up For Arachnids

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Stepping Up For Arachnids

When I became a mother I also became a nurse, teacher, psychologist, handmaiden, idiot and lover of all things creepy. I was a secret keeper, housekeeper, goggakeeper, gatekeeper and promisekeeper too.   I became fearless when it came to defending my children but, I have never overcome my fear of SNAKES.  Ophidiophobia it's called.  A fear of snakes.

So it’s not difficult for me to understand that there are people who are Arachnophobic, who have a fear of spiders.  These seemingly normal people who often have a pathologic fear of tiny furry insects.  My 6’3” daughter is one of those.   But I get it and she has my sympathies.  If it’s in my power to prevent her from having a panic attack at the sight of a spider I’ll do so.   This has meant that I’ve climbed onto tables then chairs or ladders to reach the offenders taking them out of her way safely into the garden.

Large Rain spiders aren’t uncommon in our neck of the woods, especially when it’s raining.  This morning one was staring at me when I opened my eyes.   I slipped a sheet of paper beneath her, covered her with a very large bell jar,  I had my subject for today, up close and personal.

I used my Macro lens on a fairly large aperture to capture these pictures; therefore not all her parts are in focus.  These are not scientific photographs they’re “art” and I enjoyed making them.  I used my hand as a measure of her size.  I tried using my tri-pod but she was too fast which made focusing very difficult.  I hope you can see her excreting her web, I found that fascinating.

Please know she was not hurt or endangered in any way and was taken to a place of safety (our patio) straight after the shoot.  She is currently living very comfortably on the wall eating what remains of the Mosquitoes and other bugs who dare enter our bedroom.


P.S I know it's no use mentioning this, but, she is absolutely harmless.