Wending Ways Through Baines Kloof

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Wending  Ways Through Baines Kloof

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is snoring.  Well not really, it is drizzling, it’s not pouring yet but, the accumulated misty drops on the mountain tops are pouring down the valleys and streams into the rivers which are starting to broil.  The cat sitting in the doorway was haughty as he noted the comings and goings along the road.

As the afternoon came to an end we decided to make a slow meander through Baines Kloof, a clever old bugger that Baines, he knew how to make useful roads in beautiful places.  As the day ended so the colours changed, gorgeous saturated shades of yellow, blue, mauve and green.  

Little drops of rain fell throughout the day and the river is flowing and tons and tons of water is pouring from every crevice, gulley and Kloof.

The narrow road is cracked and glistening, reflecting fynbos.   We didn’t see many vehicles as this is the road less travelled from Breeriver to Wellington.   The crocks and jalopies we saw on the road travel at a snail’s pace winding up and around the bends.  Even the police van was inching along; maybe they’re still looking for the gun! 

While we were members of the Worcester Photography Club our minds were opened to the challenges of using every season, weather condition or mishap into a photographic opportunity.  Wet winter weather isn’t my choice of mood, but I’ve learned to appreciate it and I try to see the beauty in it.

Our slow crawl through the Kloof made me see many stunning twists and turns and I would like to encourage you, if you ever have the opportunity to, to make an effort to drive from here to Wellington one day.  It didn't take us long, but it lifted my spirits and envigorated me.