12 Facts

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12 Facts
  1. If/when I see myself in a mirror I automatically look behind me!
  2. I have to go to spinning classes for my blood circulation
  3. I've got my Mom's hands and Grand-mama's liver spots.
  4. I'm not a blonde anymore
  5. Clothes' sizing has changed; a size 12 is the new size 9
  6. Having the Apple iTiti implants will be a knee replacement.
  7. If I fall I'll probably have a hip replacement.
  8. I can't go without earrings.
  9. Suffering from Novinophobia is the least of my problems.
  10. I don't suffer fools gladly.
  11. I can't wear red lipstick.
  12. Spectacles aren't an accessory anymore but a necessity (except for my Prada's of course)
    all this I'll accept, but, I'm NOT ready for SLACKS with elasticised waistbands, Georgette blouses or sensible shoes!12 Facts - Image 1