Autumn Days

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Autumn Days

Sometimes I miss the woods for the trees, that’s how I felt this morning when I took the drive along the banks of the Breë River from Worcester to Rawsonville. For me, Rawsonville has never appealed aesthetically, it’s a cliquey, conservative, one horse town with a shady past and a bleak future.  Here they hold the record for the most Brandy consumed in the world.  I know that’s presumptuous and totally uncalled for, but that’s the way it is.  I wonder if it even cracks a dot on a map.

As I drive through the yellow vineyards some of what I say still holds true, but on closer inspection there are many beautiful characteristics, farms and homesteads with gardens that take my breath away.   Labourer's waves are friendly and the people I know who hail from here are wonderful, kind and generous.

At the right time of the day in the right season there are a number of redeeming features.  Today I noticed the trees, large, ancient English Oak trees, Liquid Ambers, Japanese Maples and Poplar trees.  I simply love the yellow leaves which cover the earth in a carpet of gold, bronze and copper. 

Walking through a small forest of trees I couldn’t help but wonder about the thick mulch of leaves and how many layers have fallen there.  Imagine the stories hidden amongst the discarded wine bottles, pieces of paper, chicken bones and paper cups I noticed along the banks of the little stream.   We manage to litter and pollute the earth in the most unlikely places don’t we.  This is a place of unsolved mysteries, murders and madness.

Today I found the leaves and trees, the barks and vineyards too beautiful to resist.   I've finally figured out why this year is such an extraordinary autumn for me only to realise we’re often in the bush now and I usually miss our Cape autumns.  

The meeting was a success, the Herb Club ladies loved making their own spring rolls, chatter was loud and boisterous and judging by the laughter some good tales were told.  These are my soul sisters who share my passion for good food, the earthiness of herbs, friends who love learning, who appreciate the abundance of the earth and have a passion and loyalty to share what they know with each other.

Now I can wander through the garden at peace.