Frosty Friday

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Frosty Friday

I used to love Fridays, the last two have been awful.  This week it must be the misty conditions, although they create a great atmosphere and I know once the sun burns the mist away it’ll be a lovely windless day this one didn’t auger well.  Instead of Fabulous Friday it’s been downgraded to Frosty Friday.

To make matters worse I had to go to the bank, that’s an ordeal, fortunately not on bended knees,  cap in hand. This was just to get authenticated bank statements for a Visa.   I’ve been a client of this particular bank for at least 35 years; things should run smoothly,  I doubt I’m their worst client.   When my personal banker burst out laughing and almost banged her head on her desk I knew something untoward was up.  With a long manicured nail she swivelled that computer screen around, pointed at my profile and in particular my occupation.  I had to lean right over and then had to give a huge lurch forward until I was flat on my tummy draped over her desk, nose to the screen when I almost choked.   My occupation, according to this Institution is “BAR MAID”!   No wonder I’ve never qualified for an overdraft.

For the remainder of the day I had a hang dog look about me.  Eskom didn’t make matters better when they switched our lights off at 18h00 either; I couldn’t bear to spend three hours indoors in the dark.  We headed for the beach. 
A magnificent sunset awaited us.   Couples were settling themselves on benches with sundowners; surfers were enjoying the warm waters and perfect waves. Children were roller blading up and down and having fun.  I struck up a conversation with a girl who’d just gone for a swim; she needed this perfect sunset more than I did.  When the sun finally set and  the sky changed colour in the East it was still burning a vivid yellow and red in the West where we spotted a guy with a hundred red balloons.  I think he had something up his sleeve. 

Sometimes we have to believe “LIFE TASTES GREAT” even if it’s hard to swallow.