If There's A Republic It's In Hout Bay

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If There's A Republic It's In Hout Bay

It’s that time of year again. If you live in the Cape you'd  migrate to warmer climes in July, we normally would too, but we’ve opted to spend time here for a change. There’s not a soul about, everyone’s gone to Botswana, Namibia, Natal, the Kruger National Park or to Europe, Asia and if you’re an ex-pat you’ve gone “home”.

We went to the Republic of Hout Bay. Not a shabby idea, its lovely there, warmer than home especially on this beautiful blue sky day. Even the harbour is quiet although now and again I do spot a fishing vessel going out to sea.

It’s not often that one sees Dad with the children. But single parent families are becoming more common, and I presume this may be Dads’ turn to have the kids for the holidays.  The beach is the perfect place to get reaquainted.

A family of seals are sunning themselves on the seal rescue boat, lovely to watch them interact and enjoy the relative safety in the harbour. One animal had a dreadful gash on his neck; it looked as if he might’ve got caught in the stranglehold of a long line.

I enjoyed watching the Jack Russell he was pulling that leash towards the delicious smells coming from the tray the waitress was carrying but she was having none of his flirtations.

The scars left by the destructive summer fires are still clearly visible on the mountain, but by summer it’ll all be green again. It is both shocking and beautiful especially today when the sea is so exceptionally blue.