Infused By Art - Baardskeerdersbos Art Walk

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Infused By Art - Baardskeerdersbos Art Walk

The dreaded words “you’ve run out of Wifi Data” has once again reared its ugly head.  I could quite easily commit hari kiri when this happens.

Sundays are fun days and we went off to attend the annual Baadskeerdersbos Art Weekend.   Seeing the work of Artists, meeting and chatting to them is inspiring and I find the way they see beauty in the ordinary and make it extraordinary uplifting.   Soul food, mind food, heart food.   They have passion and know how to express their thoughts in so many ways.   We met photographers, printers, fine artists, sculptors, potters, water colourists, oil painters, cooks, chefs, winemakers, gardeners and poets.   In a tiny village with no more than 500 souls living there.

Everyone opens their homes to exhibit art or to run a pop-up restaurant or coffee shop. We enjoyed visiting small labourers cottages now transformed into weekend getaways.  Magic.  This is a day that feels like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing left over Chocolate Pudding.

I tried to achieve the following:

  1. Tell a story
  2. Street photography
  3. Balancing light indoors/outdoors
  4. Used only available light
  5. Use of natural colour
  6. Getting the ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture right in camera and not in the digital darkroom
  7. Convey the atmosphere of the homes and  the “spirit” of the people living there.
  8. I love things balanced and sometimes it's just two doors that do it for me.
  9. Animals are gorgeous but unpredictable and fast, I got down low for the Brindle.
  10. Motion blur, (the face in focus the body out of focus), slow shutter speed in low light. 

Here are my favourites for the day.   My 16th Day.  I hope you also enjoy them and who knows, perhaps you may pack up and go there too next year.

One of the joys of photography is that you never know what will come at you from around the next corner. (Tom Ang)

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