Just Another Day

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Just Another Day

Self-portraiture is something one should never get involved in, since it is wrong to lie even though one endeavours to tell the truth. (Ingmar Bergman)

There are two things I’m really scared of No. 1 is a snake and No. 2 being photographed.  And I’m not only talking “selfie” here.  Selfie sticks are out of the question, it’s all about the EOS camera on a tri-pod.

Self portraiture teaches the photographer many things about the use of a lens, camera speed, ISO, shutter release, timers etc., but also about posing, lighting, backgrounds and being comfortable in front of the camera, which I certainly am not.

Unless I’m able to see myself as the object and not the subject I’ll not succeed, just the thought makes me break out in a cold sweat and my blood pressure goes through the roof!  So today’s contribution will be dedicated to three women who’ve been instrumental in who I am.
They are my Grandmama, my Ouma and my Mom.  The one played bridge, read and travelled, the other grew up and lived on a farm all her life, in an era when women still carried heavy loads on their heads. 

My Mom, who has green fingers, a magnificent garden and always had flowers to pick even if it was only one end of season blossom.

My Grandmama was feisty, she loved books, travelling, good food, and beautiful things and said I should play bridge as it was a passport the world over and would stand me in good stead.  The photograph inspired by her isn’t a self portrait just a still life.

Fortunately my neighbour came around the corner just as I was losing my confidence and I just managed to pan him on his little scooter   slow shutter speed.  For all these photographs I used my 50mm Prime Lens.

Props are always a good idea for self portraiture, one needs something to focus on, and timing is difficult so for me it’s very much pot luck in the end.   Reflections are easiest and I try that too as a last resort.

"I loathe my own face, and I've done self-portraits because I've had nobody else to do." (Francis Bacon)

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