Just Freezing Moments

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Just Freezing Moments

It’s the day before Mother’s day and the shops are abuzz with last minute shoppers buying gifts and cards.  I had my first cuppa at about 9h45 this morning, it was a chill-out day for us as we only had to make an appearance at 12h30 for a luncheon appointment.

Yesterday I devoured my new “Digital Camera World” magazine and amongst other things I read an article by Julian Calverley, a commercial photographer who takes unbelievably amazing landscape photographs with his Smartphone, travelling to remote spots he usually shoots stormy skies for a new book titled #iPhoneonly.  

Eventually when I did poke my nose out of the front door I saw it was indeed a miserable day with low lying clouds and mist.  I confess the skies did improve but I was enthused to take photographs before, during and after lunch.

The added bonus of living in a beautiful, quaint, famous and unique coastal town is that the inhabitants are very cosmopolitan, exciting, and adventurous and a lot happens out of doors.  We happened upon 9 Para gliders which I was able to capture as they came in to land and a few whilst they were still in the skies.

Some people watch sport on television others are out on the waves watching the sunsets and taking the occasional ride. I was there too, beautiful pink skies touched the breakers as they came rolling in.  Everyone was out walking, sitting, having sundowners on the rocks or standing sentinel.

Here are today’s pickings.  Sunsets can be quite cheesy so I thought I'd ring the changes.  And I sat on my hands not to include another autumn vine on a wall!  The trees I couldn't resist.

Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.”— Anonymous

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