Let One Egg Reach Maturity

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Let One Egg Reach Maturity

A reflection in the window, a silhouette, a table lamp and a garden in the early morning that  was the setting which caught my eye,  a reflective mood for my first photograph, a good start.

I had a boss,  who in a moment of frustration,  called me Dreamy Drawers, I was probably dead on my feet,  today my knickers are in a knot, load shedding is about to begin at any minute and I’ve just switched the oven on, my Beloved is on his way home and there’s nothing cooking!  Hold thumbs.

Blue was the colour for today, it turns out the Morning Glory vine flowering in the garden was my other inspiration, farmers hate them and in Vietnam they’re revered,  there the plant is a valuable culinary ingredient used in delicious dishes and, I attended  a cooking class at the Morning Glory Cooking School.

Today we have Turkish coffee with Miné,  I brought out my Vintage Turkish coffee cups, in Royal Blue and Gold served with purple Turkish figs.

The Brandwacht Mountain range has to be photographed between 10h30 and 11h00 when the light is just right, it improves as the sun cools during autumn and winter, today we have clouds.

Fear is our biggest stumbling block and Self Portraiture must be the most intimidating.  I just did it in remembrance of Vietnam, Morning Glories and Blue, I deliberately made it slightly soft too.

My 11th Day of creativity was daunting but fun.

You’re welcome to make comments or join me with your own 365 day project, it’s thrilling, daring, daunting, scary and a great discipline and adventure into the unknown.  

“A photographer is like a cod, which produces a million eggs in order that one may reach maturity.”

― George Bernard Shaw –

I hope what I Cod catches your eye and your heart. Maricha

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