Putting A Colourful Foot Forward

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Putting A Colourful Foot Forward

Moody, Mundane; it’s Monday!   Blue is the colour of this day, and it’s not for nothing.  To cheer ourselves up we gave it a colour.  I need colour today. Bright and vibrant colour to give this misty, wet day a lift.  Life really is very boring when it’s all wet and grey.  For me it’s a slippery slide to depression.  No matter the season or the weather our Cape Dutch architecture outshines all the competition, the grande dame I photographed attests to this.  

We have a tradition in our house, on the first rainy winters’ day we make pancakes, very un-PC at the moment, even my wheat belly and wheat intolerance will have to suck it up.  We’re having pancakes, deliciously light, dripping in cinnamon sugar and fresh lemon juice.  Comfort food that will beat the gloom.

No matter where we’ve travelled, we’ve always noticed that the most unlikely families had the most colourful homes; the grander people become the more boring the paint jobs are.  I went to seek some brightly painted cottages and buildings.  If you’ve lost your registration plate it might be decorating the facade of one home in a wet, muddy street.  I see a few numbers I recognise.

Lover’s lane is locked very securely, and not with a heart shaped lock but a huge chain, the French authorities in Paris could learn a trick or two here.   The trees are a bright orange and with their wet leaves the colours are so saturated.  I pressed my nose to the bars and took a  few quick pictures.

I can’t wait to see what the mountains look like once the clouds lift and the sun lights up the slopes, there must be a sprinkling of snow, it’s too cold not to.  We've got to make the ordinary extraordinary to survive.