Ruffled in Raffles

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Ruffled in Raffles

This I’ve got to get off my chest. When in Rome do as the Romans do, right? So off we went to the iconic Raffles bar for the famous Singapore Sling. It was a typical hot and humid Singapore day so we didn’t need much encouragement to visit this famous landmark. The beautiful Raffles Hotel didn’t disappoint a handsome building, perfect setting, gorgeous views and it certainly does bring to mind all sorts of visions of years gone by of traders, ships, merchants, colonialism and some seedier thoughts best left to the minds’ eye. The bar located in the lobby of the hotel, is a tribute to the writers who have stayed at the hotel or have written about it. So it will be another chapter in my own book of memories. It is a cool, dark, mysterious place, buzzing with folk from all over the globe. We were especially fortunate as it was the Thursday before the Singapore Grand Prix weekend so the buzz was electric and the crowd eclectic. Without hesitation I ordered a Singapore Sling (I had been warned it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, a bit sweet, I was told) my beloved enjoyed a yard long brew instead and my friend was right, the Singapore Sling was nothing to write home about. As often happens the hype and urban legend heightens expectations which are hard to match.   My second drink, as the first hadn’t quenched my thirst was a regular Gin and Tonic. That did hit the spot and I was soon cracking peanuts from the cute hessian bag on the table and enjoying the moment. The regular click of the ceiling fans another reminder of a bygone age.I was shocked back to the present when we were presented with the bill. I could’ve bought Blue Chip shares with my Sing Dollars and been a wealthier woman today. My goodness, welcome to Singapore! We had no guilt-ridden nights about our stash of Gordon’s hidden in the bottom of our suitcases after that, and would often have a drink at our hotel and count our savings one by one.
In defence of the general high prices of alcohol in Singapore we blamed the government and the weak SA Rand which always makes one feel better!

I must add that we didn't stay in the Raffles Hotel we only visited the Bar and I'm not sorry we did I loved the time spent in this cool oasis.

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