Seeing Red With A Broken Heart

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Seeing Red With A Broken Heart

It’s all petals, pouting and perfumed perfection on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Commercial exploitation it might be, but give a girl a weekend away, wine her, dine her, lavish gifts from the heart upon her and believe me you’ll star in her good books! We’ve all had our fair share of disappointments, especially this week, a black Friday 13th it was as our Constitution was raped of its status by the very powers that are there to protect us.

On Friday my FaceBook status read: “I am nauseated, ashamed and disgusted. Like puking in a car the stench, humiliation and loss of dignity is going to linger for a very long time. Shame on you for making a mockery of our democracy and our Constitution. I hope you reflect long and hard, hopefully the ride won't be as comfortable after the back fire. My heart is broken. Fifty Shades of Puce. Just heard news broadcast, our dismay is like water on the ducks back, our “chief” is swanning it at a press breakfast, justifying the debacle”!

We're off to spend a weekend in Cape Town.  It's Valentine's weekend and I've packed all my red, lacy, lingerie and I will attempt the squeeze into my fabulous clingy evening dress and stilettos.   Oh Beloved! make haste!

Today it's Monday and as they say in Afrikaans "Die Kaap is weer Hollands".  A friend reports from Medi City that she's been well cared for by friendly professional staff who know exactly what they're about.   I've chatted to the Postman, who still does his rounds on a bicycle, and he feels the same way about the State of the Nation as I do, "a bloody shambles" he says, but a tad more eloquently put.   The salute from the gate keeper at the Mount Nelson was as formal and Colonial as it might've been in 1910 when my Great-Grandfather lived there.  Once again I've realised Politicians are self-serving whores who have no regard for the people they serve.

So, at Fifty, (when I'm in the shade) I say: to hell with wearing your heart on your sleeve,  don't do guilt but all that glitters can be gilt, if you manage to be the subject at the dinner party then so be it!