Shark Cage Diving in Kleinbaai

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Shark Cage Diving in  Kleinbaai

Being charged by a Rhino or stormed by an Elephant is exciting but nothing is as chilling or as exhilarating as being in a cage out at sea observing a Great White Shark in Shark Alley.

He went from the very North of South Africa where he saw a very rare sighting, two Rhinos being hunted by a male lion assisted by four Lionesses, to the very south – Kleinbaai – to experience a fascinating predator the Great White Shark.

Shark Cage Diving in  Kleinbaai - Image 1

Billy Robertson of Walker Bay Tours organised the trip with Shark Lady in Hermanus. After numerous disappointments, cancelling dates and re-scheduling with reports of inclement weather a final date was made for Sunday morning at the crack of dawn. 6H00, that’s the time fishermen go out, when the sun has barely peaked over the horizon.

Still slightly under the influence of South African hospitality and copious amounts of medicinal Jâgermeister the two stumbled out of bed and headed for the Kleinbaai Harbour from where the boat is launched. It was a perfect wind free day, not a cloud in the sky and the swells could only be measured in their stomachs. With strong sea legs they set off to a location near Dyer Island.
Sharks are lured with a fishy concoction called a Chum.

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A good sighting was made, the shark caught the bait and passengers excitedly watched from aboard the craft and then took turns to don wetsuits, goggles and flippers and enter the cage for an up close and personal view of this magnificent creature. It's speed, agility, sheer size and forociousness is enough to give one the chills.

Nothing says it like photographs or a YouTube video and this one gives a pretty good idea of what to expect.

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Billy Robertson
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NOTE TO SOMEONE WHO ENJOYS ANGLING: we were unable to find anyone who does angling or fishing charters in Hermanus or Kleinbaai. We tried the telephone numbers given by the Gansbaai Tourist Information website but were unsuccessful. I think there’s an opportunity there for someone who loves people, fishing and boating.

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Another fishy tale:  Brydes whales are back and frolicking in Walker Bay, we spotted some.

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Photography courtesy of: The Selfie Queen - Lise van Heerden (who needs a selfie stick)

Video editing: Rob Noble.

Shark Cage Diving in  Kleinbaai - Image 6


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