Time Pieces

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Time Pieces

“The camera should be used for a recording of life, for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh”. Edward Weston

This one excites me!  Time is of the essence and it keeps ticking. I had the opportunity to photograph magnificent clocks.   I love the one in the Bell Jar with all its wheels and intricacies, and the beautiful brass carriage clock reminds me of my Grand-mama’s one on my parents mantl-piece, the Grandfather clock which chimes on the hour makes me wonder about late night chimes and sleeplessness.

Fascinating what people collect and treasure, sometimes it’s as simple as a stone-washed bottle or as priceless as  a rare barometer, I wonder who  whittled and carved.

Today I only used my 100mm Macro lens, it has its shortcomings, but the Aperture of 32 is a bonus and the slow shutter was what I needed to capture all the light, and to get really close to the subject is important, manual focusing is trying but better than automatic focusing.  I set up my tri-pod and used a remote shutter release and at times the automatic timer at 10sec.

Photographing in a home is very special and must be treated with utmost respect both for the owner and for the Objet D’art.  Light from windows must be taken into account; reflections and clutter from surroundings are beautiful in their space but limiting in photography.

I’m not a commercial photographer so I embrace the reflections, highlights, shadows and try to make the most of all the elements without disturbing the room’s ambience.   To move something is risky and I’d hate to break or chip anything.

A friend has a menagerie with no less than 20 cats (not domesticated but not feral either).  They’re wild and wonderful,  live on her front steps, to catch them for a photograph is near impossible but,  for a lick of milk they’ll do almost anything.  They’re too cute to ignore!

“Your photography is a record of your living, for anyone who really sees.”  Paul Strand

The difference a background makes to the same subject.  I love a black background the play of light is so different makes a moody change and colours seem to pop.  It's just a matter of taste.

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