Balmy Days In The Mother Of All Cities

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Balmy Days In The Mother Of All Cities

What could be nicer than a day spent in our beautiful Mother city? For one, the temperatures are at least 10˚C warmer there and the skies are blue. I had one or two requests, some shopping to do, but mostly this was a day to relax and take in some of the sights.

Of course this challenge takes precedence over most things and my sights are always set on something to post. While I was waiting on the kerb I could hear the rotors of a helicopter and decided that’s where I’d head off to.

Perfect. Judging by the cars and queues this is a popular attraction and I can see why. Imagine seeing the Cape Peninsula from the sky? Amazing! This particular company has a range of options to choose from, from a quick flip to a longer flight lasting ninety minutes. They also have quite a range of helicopter options depending on the number in the group. While we were there a corporate group was waiting their turn.

On my walk back to the car I spotted the SA Agulhas ll in the harbour for maintenance work I should imagine as it waits for the Arctic summer and its next voyage. What a beautiful sight. I wasn’t allowed anywhere near the vessel and had to push my lens through the security bars. That I could do but there was no way the guard would allow me to take one step beyond that!


Amongst many other World Best awards Cape Town has now got the best coffee shop in the whole wide world too! We visited. It is beautiful and well worth a visit. We had to find our way there using the GPS but I'm sure there are clients who would know exactly where the spot is with this direction; it’s right next to Mavericks. I say no more.

I love the dark atmosphere, the pipes and industrial feel of the place, but what stands out most for me is the friendliness of the staff. The Hot Chocolate I had was amazing, I had to have another. We enjoyed sitting there just taking in the place. I think we would walk off with “friendliest people” award too if there is such a thing.

On this perfect Champagne day we had to get our feet into the sand and headed off to the Grand Beach bar for a quick G&T while watching a regatta in the bay.

“This cape is the most stately thing and the fairest cape we saw in the whole circumference of the earth.” – From the journal of Sir Francis Drake, on seeing the Cape for the first time, 1580

“What makes this my Cape Town is the feeling I get when walking its streets. No matter whether it be day or night, the languages it speaks, the faces it juxtaposes, the tensions it bridges – all these force their way, somehow or other, into the music I compose. It is the only walking city we have in the country – let it be more so, enhancing the livelihoods that bring our streets to life. That is how to ensure our future.” – Neo Muyanga, co-founder of the acoustic guitar duo Blk Sonshine and famed composer and co-curator of the Pan African Space Station."

Places to visit:

Truth Coffee Shop

Quaglinos - after work sundowners

Grand beach bar - Sundowners

The Chef's Warehouse - awesome food

Gourmet Boerie - lekker streetfood and boeries