LynnV Has A New Shoot In Franschoek

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LynnV Has A New Shoot In Franschoek

Psst, the word is out and it’s spreading. Lynn did it! After months of speculation, she finally did it! She’s opened her new Salon on Main. She’s always true to her word. A year ago like a pupae you transformed into a butterfly, and then you leap-frogged over a mountain range to realise your dreams. Bravo!

We’ve all had visions of an empire, of shedding old skin and re-inventing ourselves.  More often than not before dawn those grandiose ideas float off into the mist like our dreams. How difficult it is to put into action thoughts that seem so easy, uncomplicated and grand. To have the confidence is admirable.  To see it through and bite the painted pinky tip is astonishing.  Oh how I love it when a plan comes together!

Six months ago it was a pipe dream, last week the doors opened. Salon on Main. Franschoek. On the first wet day in June I pickled through to Franschoek to visit Lynn at her new Salon. As the wiper blades flicked back and forth I wondered what on earth I was doing, I don’t like leaving home on a wet, cold and depressing day. Not even to Franschoek.

Walking into Salon on Main was like walking into summer sunshine. Bright, light, turquoise and yellow. Champagne on a miserable day. The professional staff are: RICKA - HAIR STYLIST, OLIVIA – BEAUTICIAN AND NAIL TECHNICIAN, DANELLE - HAIR STYLIST. It was ready, set, blow and the ladies were happily buzzing around, the yellow hairdryer blowing hot air into wet hair. As I looked down at my short, naked nails I wished for a set of beautifully manicured gel nails. Gwyneth Paltrow said “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” I could’ve done with a touch of red in this glamorous salon where the girls were painted, coiffured and sophisticated.

Lynn has been our manicurist, confidant and friend for decades, every visit, no matter my mood turns into a refreshing, soul food day. I applaud you Lynn for having the audacity to make your dreams a reality. The clients who enter your new salon are in for a surprise. Not only are they going to get the best beauty treatment in town, they’re going to love your attention to detail, your fine work ethic and joie de vivre.

Fortunately we, the Worcester girls, will have the best of both worlds, we’ll still have your full attention at home, but, occasionally we’ll be able to make a day of it and visit you in Franschoek, we’ll brush up on our French, Mon Cherie. We love dressing up and outsmarting the competition, beautiful claws out. I know I’ll visit when next I have a luncheon appointment.

Spring is just around the corner, soon early lavender blossoms will fill the air and the vineyards will spring new growth and as your street address suggests there’ll be rose buds everywhere. You’re just in time to add value to Summer visitors’ enjoyment of the valley.

You’ve achieved what many only dream of. You put (as you do) your money where your mouth is. We wish you all the best, may you have a full appointment book in no time.

Less 20% on Beauty treatments
Until the end of June a free hand scrub and massage while clients are having their hair done.
Specials will be updated on Social Media and on the black board.


Manageress: Olivia

Address: 2, Main Road,
La Rue des Roses
Tel: 021 8762423
Facebook: Salon on Main